Sunday, July 29, 2007

SB Comic #2

Egad! I drew another Skeleton Boy comic. He's fun to draw so I need to keep doing more. Please, please, please..... enjoy. Hey yah!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spider-Man Fun

Before Spider-man 3 came out, there was all this hype on it in magazines and on various sites. This got Armen and me to start our "draw a spider-man a day" fun. No real theme or rules with it. Just draw him in anyway we wanted and in any style. While we really didn't stick to it and only got like 11 or 12 sketches done, it was still fun. Here are a few of the ones I did that I like. I hope Armen starts a blog or something soon too so he can post his spider-mans (spider-men?). Yee Haw!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Revisiting the 80's

After watching the "Transformers" movie this weekend, I figured I would post a painting I did earlier this year that's within the same nostalgia. It's Cheetara from the Thundercats. It was part of an art show held at Gallery Nucleus titled "After These Messages." It seems she is still for sale there but I think I way over priced this piece. Live and learn. (***Update*** Not there no more. I took her home instead.) My idea here was circus people and I figured the Thundercats would have made great circus freaks. I should probably do the rest of the group. Probably........ Hallah!