Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ultimate Wild Thing

I'm really looking forward to seeing Spike Jone's feature film of Where The Wild Things Are. It was one of my favorite books as a kid (and still is one of my faves). I like how these big monsters aren't really scary. Then I started to think how Totoro is like the Ultimate wild thing. Some giant creature (even bigger than the wild things) that isn't scary at all. If anything, he looks like something you want to hug all the time. So this little piece is of Max meeting Totoro. Rar!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sketchbook Vs. Paper

Here is another page of work doodles done on some random piece of paper. For some reason I can't seem to work in a sketchbook. I can draw on any paper that I find without a problem but if it's a sketchbook page it stays blank. I've even bought some nice looking sketchbooks thinking that it would intrigue me to draw in them. Nope. I think I have this idea that they should only be full of pristine nice drawings. Not no loose drawings or half ass looking doodles. I need to get over this somehow because they are a good way of keeping artwork all together. I'll see how that goes, heh heh heh. This doodle though has me thinking that a tattoo that's as crazy and full as this might look cool, no?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Work Doodles

So these are some of many doodles I do during many a waiting time at work. Some I don't even realize I've done until I look back at the paper. I guess that's why so many are upside down.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love That Joker...

This new Joker from The Dark Night was such a krazy kool and new take on that character that it's a shame that it will never be performed again. Heath Ledger did a great job with him. I like seeing super insane villains. Ones that are capable of anything, even hurting themselves. Even the new look is kool, mutilated face and all. Although I do like the permanent white skin and green hair on him rather than it being make up. Again, the Joker is someone else I have never drawn, despite him being my favorite comic bad dude, so here he is. Would have liked to have seen a Harley Quinn down the line too. Want to know how I got these scars? Intense!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HellBoy and Abe

So I'm pretty excited about the new Hellboy movie coming out soon. Mostly because of the direction by Guillermo Del Toro, mostly. I think that man can't go wrong with what he does. Inspired, I figured I would do a Hellboy and Abe Sapien piece since I had never really drawn these 2 characters before. It was fun. Time now for my next upcoming movie inspired piece. Why so serious?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

London Post

So I just got back from a trip to London that I, Daniel, Elizabeth and Kevin took. It was an amazing trip. I can't wait to go back. The above piece is one that I started in London but finished here (inspired by our visit to the area where Jack the Ripper roamed). 7 days there and that's all I drew. For shame. But, I did take a few photos of my London Trip and put them on flickr for all of yalls to enjoy (some are blurry but I aint no photographer so they iz what they iz). Elizabeth took some nicer pics, including some of our visit to the Spaced house, so I hope she'll have those up soon. London!

**Update01** Daniel posted some oh his pics too. Check them out!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here's a quick little painting I did. Twas looking at some Glenn Barr art and got inspired. I am liking this digital painting stuff I gotta say I gotta say.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some X's Backgrounds

Here be some background designs I did for the Nick show "The X's" back in '05. Just some simple shots of a kitchen and a shot of a resort that needed to have a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it. Twas fun to do this very angular kind of stuff. I never saw these on air or even colored in. I hope they came out ok.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Rage

So This is my latest digital painting created on a program that Armen recommended named Art Rage. I am really liking it. A whole lot easier to use than Painter and the results are pretty good. And also only being $25 doesn't suck. I still need to mess with the program some more to get used to its "inner workings", if you will, and to make my work look less computer generated. And now back to Super Smash Bros Brawl... GAME!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Lamp Post

Something I can't help but stare at a lot are classic lamp posts. There are so many cool looking lamp posts everywhere, but they are often hidden by massive buildings, trees, or modern posts. To bad too because they can add such a touch of class to any street. So here is my piece to honor the lamp post. May your light always shine bright...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rainy Day Inspiration

On one of my trips to San Francisco, I took part in a walking tour of some great houses. It rained for part of the tour and the weather today reminded me of that day. Thus, this here drawing. I do so enjoy the rain. I should totally go dance around it in... Thats right, Totally!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eyvind Madness

So this be my attempt at 2 things. One is doing a piece completely digitally, from the sketch to the final product... And Two is to do a piece in an Eyvind Earle style. This was a lot of fun. After doing it though, I have concluded that Mr. Earle was insane. You have to be to have the patience to do these kind of pieces. Even though this is digital, it took me a while to do. I can just imagine using actual paints, mixing color and what not. Pure madness. I guess its what makes his artork so FREAKING beautiful is the amount of detail to it. He was a true artist. I hope I have done you justice Eyind Earle. Can't wait to do more of these!