Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is Bill, the lizard with a ladder. He is both in the movie, Alice In Wonderland, and in the book, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Bill doesn't have to big of roles in either, but I think he is a great character. That is why he is a prominent tattoo on my forearm/elbow. Bill.... You complete me.

I have also started a flickr account to show off some of the photos I have taken. You can check those guys out by clicking here. So far I only have my Japan trip on there, but plan to add more soon. Out!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SB Comic #1

So here is the first comic for Skeleton Boy. Really really hope to do more of these. If you missed who he is or what he's about just scroll down to see or click "here" to get all the info. I may need to ask you here readers of this blog what known as "hugo's arts and stuffs" for some story lines for good little SB. Word.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Friday Fun

After a Dodger game with some peeps from CN (cartoon network) came a quick stop at this French restaurant named Taix for some drinks. I managed to snag these 2 drawings from that night. I like the way these guys draw me. The napkin one is from Pen and the post it one is from JG... Enjoy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Skeleton Boy

OK, so I figured I would start with a new piece of art. There isn't much of that just yet but I am hoping that this blog will keep me active. This is Skeleton Boy. He is a boy that died around the age of 6 and has come back to life. His name as of now is Clive Ashton. He lives in a cemetery and is a little naive about his circumstances. All he wants to do is make friends. Unfortunately he can't talk and he's a skeleton. This, of course, scares off everyone. Despite these shenanigans, he is usually a pretty happy boy. This here image is the "cover" of what will be several little comics on little Clive and his attempts at making friends. I will post the first comic as soon as I clean that sucker up. Solid...

It Begins

Sooooo here goes. Hugo the blog has begun. I hope to actually post often and use this here blog. Oh the pressure.