Saturday, December 8, 2007

Creatures and Vegas?

Ok, so these are the pieces I did for an art show for the now faded Fadedcamel. Twas a show we did about 2 years ago now at Meltdown Comics. These were fun because color pencils are easy to use and get pretty good results. It was also fun to draw these gals. Although I can't say I'm proud of all 5, I still think they look pretty decent. The green one sold! What what!!

I'm wondering if I should stick with singing "hexmor" or go back to "hex"??? Nah, Hexmor seems to have more style? what do you think?


elizabeth said...

summer is MINE! wahahahahah!

elizabeth said...

wait.. I meant Kim... dang

saturn said...

woooww mijo- foxxy ladies! /me likes suzette.

aaaand i vote for hexmor.

Young Vo said...

I always love your Ladies!
The Question of Hex or Hexmor is a very perplexing one for me. I know your work as Hex. This Hexmor, I don't who he is? So... I drew pictures that help answer is question (for me). You can see it on my blog. I cast my vote for Hex.

sarabeth said...

you are amazing. do one of me?